Facestudio Skin Squad

If you struggle with breakouts, staying consistent with your skincare and feel like you've tried a million different products but feel like nothing ever works, then keep reading.

Introducing the Facestudio Skin Squad! What is the Skin Squad, you may be wondering? Its our monthly subscription service that is designed to help you stay consistent and get your skin looking the best its ever looked.

Being a part of the exclusive Skin Squad entitles you to the following treatments and benefits EVERY month:
  • 4x 17 minute LED sessions (we recommend coming weekly) with pre-treatment cleanse - can be tailored to suit your needs with blue light, red light, or both
    • We understand that some weeks can be hectic, people go on holidays, children get sick etc. which is why we decided to include four LED treatments/month as opposed to one/week, meaning if you can't come one week for whatever reason, that's not a problem and you can just come twice the following week, so you won't miss out!
    • Valued at $80/session
  • 10% off all SkinScript products
    • Order them online or grab them when you come in for your LED treatments!
  • 25% off select skin treatments (Medifacials and Dermapen microneedling)
    • This is to complement your LED program
Regular Price Skin Squad Price
Medifacial $190 $142.50
Dermapen Microneedling $280 $210
  • Quarterly skin scan with our state-of-the-art skin imaging MoreMe device
  • Regular check-ins with our dermal therapist

Cost: $199/month paid via direct debit for your convenience.