We are a facial enhancement clinic specialising in anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, chemical peels, laser, medifacials, customised cosmeceutical skincare, mineral makeup and more.


Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Anti-wrinkle injections are often considered the most advanced anti-ageing technology available. We will work with you to achieve the outcome you desire. As each face is unique, our nurse takes pride in being able to create a tailor-made solution that will enhance your natural beauty. We use Dysport which is a widely recognised brand of Botulinum toxin and is known for its natural looking, fast acting and long lasting results.


Dermal Fillers

Every face is unique, and for some, a loss of volume may be a concern. Dermal fillers are an effective way to restore volume and plumpness to your skin and can target specific areas. They contain Hyaluronic Acid which is one of the body’s naturally occurring substances which works as a hydrator. As we age, our bodies produce less of this substance, and our skin loses ‘bounce’ as a result. Dermal fillers can be used anywhere in the face and lips to restore a supple, hydrated look and to restore facial contours that may have diminished with ageing.

Our wide range of dermal fillers are commonly used to treat areas of the face including:

• Lips
• Cheeks
• Jawline defining
• Tear trough (under eye)
• Facial bone structure asymmetry

Book in for a free consultation and our nurse will recommend which type of filler is right for you and our prices.



Enerpeel® is a revolutionary medical peel range which uses an organic acid solution to stimulate skin re-modelling, regeneration and to produce new fibres of collagen, elastin and Hyaluronic Acid.

Our range of skin peels are less traumatising to the skin surface than traditional peels and improve sun damage, acne, scarring, hyper-pigmentation and fine lines.

What makes our peel different? The secret is in the acid protons that increase activity after reaching higher skin water content resulting in less surface trauma, but heightened skin remodelling in the deeper layers of your skin where the issue originates.
The perfect treatment for smoother, evenly toned skin with faster recovery.*

We recommend a course of a minimum of 3 treatments for optimal results.

Enerpeel MA (Mandelic Acid) – $190
Skin types – Any skin type, sensitive, skin redness.

• Non-aggressive, high performance peel adequate to be used in summer for any skin type.
• Minimise the signs of occasional to permanent redness of the skin.
• Ability to help control rosacea symptoms.
• Improvement in skin colour, pigmentation, texture and pore size.

Enerpeel PA (Pyruvic Acid) – $190
Skin Types – Premature skin ageing, mild hyper-pigmentation, acne blemishes.

• Reduce mild to moderate hyper-pigmentation.
• Decrease fine lines and wrinkles.
• Diminish small acne scars.
• Lightening and brightening effect.

Enerpeel SA (Salicylic Acid) – $190
Skin types – Acne inflammatory/comedogenic.

• Reduce oil production.
• Anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties.
• Dissolves comedogenic formations that block or restrict pore respiration.
• Neutralises remnant acne bacteria.
• Promote dermal regeneration.

Enerpeel JR (Salicylic Acid, Lactic Acid, Resorcinol) –  $250
Skin Types – All skin types, ageing, pigmented, pregnancy mask, melasmas and preparation for TCA peel.

• Treatment of mild to moderate hyper-pigmentation.
• Fine lines and wrinkles.
• Lightening and brightening appearance.

Enerpeel TCA-LP (Tri-chloroacetic Acid) – $270
Skin types – Pronounced signs of ageing, mild scarring, melasma.

• Reduce moderate hyper-pigmentation/melasma.
• Fine lines and wrinkles.
• Diminish small scars.
• Designed to minimise pain and recovery time.

Enerpeel TCA Strong (Tri-chloroacetic Acid) – $300
Skin types – Severe ageing, hyper-pigmented, moderate scarring.

• Treatment of fine and deep wrinkles
• Reduce moderate to severe hyper-pigmentation.
• Diminish ice pick/box scars.

Enerpeel Neck (Pyruvic Acid, Lactic Acid) – $210
Skin types – Ageing skin on neck and décolletage.

• Decrease fine lines, wrinkles, signs of premature skin ageing on neck and décolletage.
• Reduction of mild hyper-pigmentation.
• Treat uneven skin appearance in tone and texture.
• Improve skin firmness and elasticity.

Enerpeel Hands (Trichloroacetic Acid, Lactic Acid, Kojic Acid) – $100

• Decrease in moderate hyperpigmentation from the hands.
• Decrease in fine lines, small scars and coarse wrinkles in the hands.
• Immediate skin lightening effect.

Enerpeel Eyes and Lips (Trichloroacetic Acid, Lactic Acid) – $190

• Remodelling and regeneration around eyes and lips.
• Reduce dark circles.
• Diminish fine lines and pigmentation.
• Ability to treat sensitive areas with care.

Enerpeel SA-CB Chest OR Back (Salicylic Acid, GT-peptide-10) – $220
Skin types – Acne on the chest and/or back.

• Anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties.
• Dissolves comedogenic formations that block or restrict pore respiration.
• Neutralises remnant acne bacteria.
• Promote dermal regeneration.
• Exfoliating effect that reduces the buildup of dead skin cells.
• Decrease sebum and bacterial colonisation.

 Enerpeel® skin peel ranges from very superficial – superficial – medium depth and is tailored to meet the individual skin’s needs.
Preparation of the the skin for 1-2 weeks is required before treatment.


 EMERGE Fractional Laser

The EMERGE Fractional Laser is a skin resurfacing device created to minimise patient down time after the procedure. The laser uses a non-ablative technique to stimulate gradual skin tightening, which causes less skin damage than an ablative laser and requires less time for the body to heal. The EMERGE Fractional Laser treatment is designed to minimise a variety of problems, like wrinkles and dark spots on the face. The EMERGE Fractional Laser  treatment speeds up the natural skin rejuvenation process by helping the body break up old, damaged cells more quickly, but does not go so far as to destroy damaged cells and collagen fibres completely.

Perks of the EMERGE Fractional Laser:

- Less down time/ quicker healing

-  Great skin rejuvenator


Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy uses state of the art centrifugal technology to regenerate and revitalise damaged tissue. Blood plasma containing high concentrations of platelets is drawn from the skin and thrombocytes are extracted using a centrifuge and injected into any area of the body that would benefit from tissue healing, collagen and elastin production. The treatment thickens and tightens the skin and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, restoring a more supple, plump and youthful complexion.

Our patients love this treatment as it makes use of the body’s own growth cells so that no foreign injectables are used.

Our nurse recommends three PRP treatments to achieve optimal results.

PRP Treatment Package:

$1500 for 3 sessions.


PDO Threads

Mono threads and lifting threads are a non-surgical method for tightening, thickening and elevating sagging skin.

Mono threads work by gradually stimulating collagen production in areas of the skin where ageing is visible. They are usually placed in a grid pattern anywhere on the body, offering a support-like structure to the skin. Results become visible over a six week period and continue to improve for 2 to 6 months after the treatment.

Commonly treated areas that can be treated with mono threads:

• Upper and lower cheeks
• Forehead and brows
• Neck and jawline
• Arms
• Buttocks
• Abdomen

Lifting threads are synthetic fibres with tiny barbs all along them which have long been used in surgery as “stiches”. They are inserted under the skin using a cannula and the skin is lifted along it and pressed onto the barbs to hold it in place. They are a less invasive, and much cheaper way of achieving a look that resembles a facelift.

Areas that can be treated with lifting threads include:

• Cheek and mid-face
• Eyebrow lift
• Lower face, jawline, jowl and neck
• Nose to mouth folds
• Marionette line reduction (corners of mouth)
• Nose projection and elevation


Vaginal Rejuvenation

Athena™ vaginal rejuvenation treats vaginal atrophy, or “looseness” by promoting collagen, hyaluronic acid and glycosaminoglycans production within the vaginal wall tissue layers. Ageing, childbirth and certain medications can all contribute to vaginal atrophy, which can be not only embarrassing but also cause women to suffer from the following symptoms:

 • Diminished sensation during intercourse

• Dryness, loss of lubrication and pain during intercourse
• Urinary incontinence and urgency

During your treatment, a laser is inserted into the vagina where a bright light is directed at mucosal tissue which stimulates cell repair and renewal. A single 15 minute treatment offers noticeable results, however for optimal “tightening”, our nurse recommends three sessions spaced about 4 weeks apart.

Athena™ Vaginal Rejuvenation Cost:

One session: $700
Pack of three: $1800



Give your skin the instant radiance and nourishment it deserves with our tailor-made medifacials. Using a potent mix of chirally correct and active ingredients this treatment is able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin at a cellular level. Our medifacials feed your skin with the vital nutrients needed to give it a wake up call – transforming it from dull to delicious!

Medifacials help to slough off older skin cells, build collagen and reduce the signs of ageing, pigmentation, dullness, acne and dehydration.

This treatment includes a full skin assessment, double cleanse, light peel, tailor made mask, ultrasonic exfoliation, lymphatic drainage, brow tidy, hand, arm and facial massage.

Medifacial Cost:

Full face: $140
Full face, neck & décolletage: $190
Pack of 6 face, neck & décolletage: $950


Fractional Laser

Fractional laser uses heat technology to stimulate your skin to produce fresh, elastic cells by harnessing your body’s own potential to heal itself.

You will see noticeable reduction or elimination of blemished areas, lightening of brown sun and age spots, an improvement in general skin tone and texture, and less redness. This treatment also boosts collagen production which contributes to overall youthfulness.

Fractional laser treats:
• Sun damage
• Brown spots
• Pigmented lesions
• Skin tone and texture
• Acne scarring
• Surgical scarring
• Skin tone and texture
• Wrinkles
• Stretch marks

The number of required treatments depends on skin type and concern. Your initial treatments will occur roughly every 4 weeks. After that, maintenance treatments are recommended every 3-6 months. Results will continue to improve for months after the treatments. Our trained nurse will discuss the optimal number of sessions required during your consultation.

Fractionated Laser Cost:

Full Face: $450
Full Face Pack of 3: $1100

Face/Neck/Décolletage: $750
Face/Neck/Décolletage Pack of 3: $2050

Hands: $550
Hands Pack of 3: $1450

For pricing of other areas, please ask our nurse during a consultation.


Intense Pulsed Light Skin Rejuvenation

IPL targets and destroys pigmentation in freckles, pigmented lesions, sunspots and other dark pigmentation on the skin. It restores a clear complexion and evens out the skin tone.

IPL treatment is fast and comfortable with minimal downtime. The treatment is suitable for most skin types, however it is not recommended for darker skin types and we offer the Acroma Q-Switched laser for those with darker skin wishing to target pigmentation and unevenness.


Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal using revolutionary Elõs Technology – hair follicles are precisely targeted using combination of Bi-Polar Radio Frequency and Light energies delivered directly, terminally disabling and denaturing. This provides permanent hair reduction to any area of the face and body.

15 minutes: $75
30 minutes: $150



If you have an unsightly bump or lump that has been bothering you, regardless of where it is on your body, Diathermy is your answer.

Safe and efficient removal of small skin lesions, raised moles, skin tags, warts, seborrhoeic keratosis and sebaceous cysts.

$50 per lesion.



An exfoliating treatment which removes up to 30% of epidermal build up, lifting dirt, debris and dead skin cells. A safe and controlled method of skin resurfacing used to treat a number of skin concerns on the face and body.

This quick and convenient treatment immediately restores smoother younger looking skin and is great for treating:
• Ageing skin, lines and wrinkles
• Open pores
• Sun damaged and uneven skin tone
• Acne scars & blemishes
• Blackheads
• Superficial age spots and Hyper-pigmentation
• Excessive oiliness or dry skin

Regular microdermabrasion treatments help to increase the skins natural collagen and elastin formation, giving you a naturally toned and rejuvenated appearance.

Microdermabrasion is also beneficial for lymphatic drainage helping relieve swelling and toxins from the skin.
You will notice an immediate freshness, smoother and brighter complexion in just one treatment. For more troublesome skin a course of treatments may be required.

Microdermabrasion cost:

Full Face: $180
Full Face Pack of 3: $490



Dermapen™ is the safer and more effective skin rejuvenation treatment to the skin than traditional skin needling rollers, because of its unique vertical needling technology.

When moved a across the skin’s surface it stimulates natural collagen production, creating fine channels in the skin. These channels can carry up to 80% more topical nutrients allowing for treatment delivery deep into the skin’s fibroblasts to feed the underlying cells found in the dermis and basal layer. This increased absorption of active ingredients into the skin creates stimulated repair and faster resurfacing results.

Recommended course six to twelve treatments for desired results, and are usually four to six weeks apart.

Dermapen is recommended to treat:

• Aged skin
• Pigmentation & skin laxity
• Fine lines around lips
• Scarring
• Wrinkles and fine lines
• Large pores
• Stretch marks
• Alopecia (in conjunction with topical treatment)


One area: $150
One Area Pack of 3: $400

Full Face: $300
Full Face Pack of 3: $800


Ultrasound Skin Lifting, Tightening and Fat Reduction

Face Lifting & Tightening:

Ulfit technology delivers energy in three different layers within the skin, which causes the skin to contract and lifts, stimulating collagen regeneration. In addition to triggering new collagen production, this procedure provides firming and tightening, restoring a more youthful complexion. Ulfit results are long lasting is appropriate for 99% of patients who are concerned with an ageing appearance.

Ulfit is a simple treatment with minimal downtime that delivers visible results in as little as 1-2 treatments for most areas!

The ultrasound procedure can successfully treat many problem areas of the face including:

• Forehead
• Eyebrows
• Periorbital area
• Cheeks
• Jowl’s
• Double chin
• Neck
• Décolletage

Get that lift you’ve always wanted that is non-invasive, has no downtime and minimal discomfort!

Body Contouring:

The unique, versatile circular motion of the body cartridge, can target large treatment areas efficiently and precisely, permanently removing stubborn fat deposits.

Results may vary between individuals – some patients notice an immediate result after treatment, while most will see gradual improvements over the 8 weeks following their initial treatment.

Areas of the body include:
• Love handles
• Abdomen flanks
• Thighs and more


  • Lower Face/Jowls
  • Full Face
  • Neck
  • Brow Lift
  • Peri-Orbital (Eye)
  • Peri-Oral (Lip/Mouth)
  • Décolletage

Get that lift you’ve always wanted that is non-invasive, has no downtime and minimal discomfort!