Home peel and Mask kit


Two product pack to exfoliate and nourish skin. For weekly use. Oack contains enough product for 5 facial treatments. Get Clinic fresh skin at home with these easy to use packs. You’ll feel and see a difference in your skin.

we will recommend which two pack suits your skin


This two product pack can be tailored to give you a clinic style peel which you apply yourself. After removal you then apply either a Clay mask or Cocoa mask, wait 30 mins then massage into the skin.

9%  AHA Peel suits skins that need exfoliation, it calms decongests whilst breaking up the dead cell skin layer leaving the skin feeling plumped and soft. Can be left on for 5-15 minutes. remove with moist facial cloth completely

2.5%,5%.or 10% BHA Peel is tailored for inflamed and acneic skins. Lower strength is suitable for rosacea and reddened skin. The acid acts as an anti-inflammaory, exfoliant and antibacterial properties. Can be left on 5-10 minutes. Remove with moist facial cloth completely.

After the peel has been removed, then apply one of the masks

The Dexoxifying clay mask suits sluggish congested and acneic skin. The combination of clays in this mask helps draw out impurities. Reduces redness and help expediate healing in acne prone skin. apply evenly to face after removing peel. waith 30 mins. After 30mins, wet your fingertips and massage mask into the skin. Lightly pat off reaming clay and leave on overnight.

The Cocoa mask is a nutrient rich balm full of natural botanicals creating vibrancy, moisture and luminosity to skin. Apply all over face after removing peel. leave on for 30 mins. After 30 mins massage remaining mask int your skin until its mostly gone. Pat off any leftovers. Keep on over night and cleanse normally in the morning

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